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How LiftSeat Works

Can't get out of a chair? You may also need help getting up from the toilet.

How LiftSeat Toilet Lift Works

LiftSeat Independence IILike lift chairs in your living room, the LiftSeat toilet lift smoothly lowers you from a standing position and raises you back up from a sitting position so you can safely use the toilet on your own. An easy-to-use, two-button controller is all you'll need to operate your LiftSeat in your very own bathroom.

Serious Science for Support You Can Trust

LiftSeat puts serious science behind this seemingly simple up and down motion. Our LiftTekTM Core Assistive Technology is the result of ground-breaking research into the sit-to-stand (STS) motion path required for getting on and off the toilet. It's so unique it's patented. More importantly, it makes it possible for LiftSeat to deliver safe, reliable and comfortable bathroom assistance to people who battle conditions that compromise their strength.

Installing Your LiftSeat Toilet Lift

Installing Your LiftSeatInstalling LiftSeat couldn't be easier. The toilet lift stands securely over your toilet WITHOUT attaching to the bowl or relying on your fixture for support. Here is our simple, four-step installation process:

  1. Remove the seat from your toilet. 
  2. Position LiftSeat over your toilet bowl.
  3. Adjust the four leveling feet (if necessary) to ensure the unit is stable.
  4. Plug in the power cord.

Optional Bedside Toilet Assistance

Commode InsertLiftSeat quickly converts to a powered bedside commode with our washable bucket insert. Because LiftSeat toilet lift stands steadily on its own without requiring your toilet for support, you can simply place the unit next to your bed for close-by, nighttime support.

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